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Plumbers, 24 Hour Emergency Service, Plumbing Repairs, Leaking Pipes, Custom Showers

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The experienced and licensed team at Elgin County Plumbing is here to help with all of your plumbing problems. Whether it’s a 24 hour emergency plumbing repair, a new plumbing installation, or preventative maintenance, customers throughout Elgin County and the surrounding area turn to them.

At Elgin County Plumbing they fix what your husband already repaired – and so much more! Their complete range of Better Business Bureau-accredited plumbing services include: 

Sewer Replacements
Back-up Pumps
Leaking Taps and Toilets
Broken Drains and Pipes
New Construction
Custom Showers
Galvanized Cast Removal 
And More!

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The professional plumbers at Elgin County Plumbing are also happy to answer all of your plumbing questions. If you’ve always wondered why it is that your pipes seem to burst in the winter, how you can lower your water bill, or the key to preventing plumbing problems in your home, their experts can provide all of the answers you are looking for.

Next time you have a plumbing problem, emergency situation, or just need some friendly advice, make sure you contact the team at Elgin County Plumbing. 

You can reach them Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm at (519) 207-0621 or at (226) 980-5627 after 5pm and on weekends for their 24 hour emergency services.

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