Tips to reduce, reuse and recycle on Halloween-Image1
In an effort to have a green Halloween, a Wasaga Beach, Ont., couple has created a homemade pumpkin decoration for their front porch. Ross Hodgkinson,...
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Tips to reduce, reuse and recycle on Halloween

Tips to reduce, reuse and recycle Halloween costumes, decorations and treats

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Gummy bear

I Ate This: A five-pound gummy bear

'World’s largest gummy bear' is a grotesque nightmarish Halloween treat, though the first decadent bite is divine.

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Canadian celebrity chefs step out of the kitchen and into advertising

More and more celebrity chefs, from Lynn Crawford to Mark McEwan, are choosing to endorse brands.

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As line goes dead for payphones, fans mourn a lost era

As people move to cell phones, payphones languish on the sidewalks. One man wants to photograph them all before they go

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Top 10 car brands

Top 10 most reliable car brands

The 2016 Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey has been released and there are a few surprises.

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How much would you spend on ‘the world’s best tuque’?

How much would you spend on ‘the world’s best tuque’?

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Excuse the PSL and basicness, but it's fall outside: Teitel

A love for all things pumpkin spice is less an ode to capitalism and more a radical rejection of cool.

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Top 10 most memorable Volkswagen ads ever created

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The science behind going with your gut

How intuition works, and why researchers say it often helps people make the right decisions.

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