Clinton puts Trump on the defensive in combative debate-Image7
It appears the impulse in liberal media to denounce Donald Trump’s sexism has led to an uncritical and in some cases blind sympathy for Hillary...
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Donald Trump’s a bully but Hillary Clinton’s no wimp: Teitel

Emma Teitel

Though Donald Trump embodies some of the worst of mankind, it appears that the impulse in liberal...

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Editorial | 10 hours ago

Toronto Star's View: Stop casting off ill and injured soldiers

Military ombudsman Gary Walbourne is right in urging more support for Canada’s ill and injured solders

Columns | 10 hours ago

Best to check the math when provinces jostle for health care cash: Paul Wells

In mid-October Health Minister Jane Philpott will meet her provincial colleagues to discuss the amount of money Ottawa...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Paul Wells
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Ontario should keep ‘net zero’ bargaining

Premier Wynne has removed the “net zero” requirement from government employee contract bargaining, effectively reopening the...

Waterloo Region Record
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Cancer patients shouldn’t be fretting about child care

Three weeks after she gave birth, Angela Jeffrey-Curry was diagnosed with cancer.

Waterloo Region Record | by Luisa D'Amato
Editorial | 11 hours ago

The Spectator’s View: Kids are going to die from fentanyl abuse too

We are facing a public health crisis.

Hamilton Spectator
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Trump a danger to global unity, says prof-Image1

Donald Trump, disgust and precarious manhood: Mallick

It seems a lot of things, and a lot of kinds of women, disgust the Republican nominee

OurWindsor.Ca | by Heather Mallick
Columns | 12 hours ago

Fact, fiction, and wild-eyed of speculation combines for doc hybrid Operation Avalanche: review

That’s one small step for Apollo 11 hoaxers, one giant leap for Matt Johnson (The Dirties). This what-if wonder by the...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Peter Howell
Columns | 12 hours ago
The Lovers and the Despot

The Lovers and the Despot a riveting story steeped in Cold War intrigue and personal tragedy: review

The atrocities of the North Korean regime, known as the Hermit Kingdom, are well-documented and, sadly, ongoing.

OurWindsor.Ca | by Bruce DeMara

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