"Guelph Carousel" by Ken Danby. Featuring the artist's son, Ryan, it was painted to mark the 150th birthday of the City of Guelph.
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Remembering Ken Danby: his ‘realism’ was without equal

The man will remain a giant among Canadian artists forever.

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Ontario hospital crowding a stark reminder of investment need

As flu season reaches its peak, many Ontario hospitals are nearing capacity and struggling to deal with a surge of sick...

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Hidden Figures

POPSMACKED! Hidden Figures’ good trajectory

As the mad tweeter with the powderkeg disposition settles into his new role as president of the United States amid charges...

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Don’t write off Kevin O’Leary

It could never happen — no way.

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D'Amato: Hillary is beacon of civility

Did you watch the inauguration of Donald Trump?

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Warren (Smokey) Thomas

College presidents make a play to overpay themselves: Cohn

It’s the gamification of compensation by high-fliers, thanks to their enablers on college boards

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Penny Collenette: Trump’s speech is about what was said, and not said

The delivery of his speech was surprisingly strong but any inspirational moments were weak

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Presidential Limo: Trumps, Obamas on their way to Capitol-Image9

Michelle Obama said goodbye with grace (and a little side-eye): Mallick

The departing first lady did everything right during Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday — while throwing delicate, beauteous,...

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Patrick Chan leads comfortably, but the skating ain't easy: DiManno

Eight-time champion keeps his focus after spotty landings

OurWindsor.Ca | by Rosie DiManno

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