$1M in arts funding announced
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$1M in arts funding announced

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By Sean Meyer/London Community News/Twitter: Newswriter22 London West MPP Chris Bentley called it “magic money” while Clark Bryan, executive director of Aeolian Hall, said it is one way to overcome “the fear” everybody is facing. Both men were referring to the provincial government’s ongoing funding of the arts community through the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). In 2011-12, the OAC funded 1,681 individuals and 1,125 organizations in 216 communities to a total of $52.8 million. During an announcement made at Museum London on Friday (Sept. 7) Bentley and London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews helped announce that over the past year the OAC had provided $985,389 in funding to 59 professional artists and arts organizations in London. Their works include poetry, literature, visual art, musical performances and theatre. In speaking before a group of OAC recipients at the announcement, Bentley said the funding is more than just financial assistance, calling it “a celebration” of what artists — and the arts in general — does for everyone. “Over the past fiscal year, to the tune of almost $1 million, which tends to be broken down into tiny little pieces, $1,000 here, $1,500 there, $3,000 in another place,” Bentley said. “It is that magic money that can make a performance happen, can make an exhibit come to life, can help a singer/songwriter actually finish the production and be able to get on a stage and perform.” During difficult economic times, Bryan said it is vital the provincial government continues to find value in supporting the arts community. For the Aeolian Hall, which received a $6,000 grant, Bryan said the funding allows the facility to continue offering programming to the city and the region. And while it will help keep the “the four walls of the Aeolian up and the roof healthy,” Bryan said funding of the arts helps to inspire people to make a difference in the lives of the broader community. “I think it is the most important thing we can do right now, which is to invest in who we are as a people. Arts are definitely all about who we are, where we have been, where we are going, and how we can bring joy into our lives,” Bryan said. “Everybody acts in fear during these times, fear means withholding energy, withholding money. If we can keep on the cusp with the arts, we will be fine; will find our way out of this fear.” Matthews brought the ideas Bryan shared down to a personal level as she pointed out how the arts affect her life on a daily basis. Whether it is her efforts as a mother and grandmother or that of the Minister of Health, Matthews said the OAC recipients should be thanked for enriching the lives of everyone. “We all give everything we can to our work, to our families, but we need to recharge every now and then, build up that reserve of energy. Where I get great joy is in the arts,” Matthews said. “Whether it is music or reading or movies or visual arts, for me personally, that recharges my batteries, gives me the energy to get up in the morning.” Brian Meehan, executive director and chief curator of Museum London, which received $159,000, said the announcement was all the more important when considering the current economic climate. While the grant will help the museum with its exhibition program, children’s classes and other programs, Meehan said it also helped spread the message about the value of art. For example, Meehan pointed to grant that allowed the organization to fund an exhibit that is now travelling the country, raising the profile of the artists involved, but Museum London as well. That kind of use of funding is exactly what Bryan said makes a real difference in the quality of people’s lives. “You think about Europe, you go there for the cultural beacons. You don’t go there to see how lovely their transportation system is, you go to see museums, operas, palaces, all the things that beautiful art has brought together,” Bryan said. “Those are the things people think of. If we can continue to invest that way in London, Ont., we will have those things as well.” It was a point Matthews agreed with. “I know a career in the arts, for the vast majority of people, isn’t the most lucrative possible. But it is what you were called to. You need to do it, you need to share your soul with the rest of us and we are all the richer for it,” Matthews said. “Thank you for showing people that creativity matters, that ideas matter. The arts, at the end of the day, are what lives us our society.”

Ontario Arts Council Grants to Organizations and Individuals 2011 – 2012

 Organizations Grant Program
Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association, London  $6,000  Presenter/Producer
Amabile Choirs of London Canada, London  $23,550  Choirs & Vocal Groups
Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario, London  $29,000  Arts Service Organizations
Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, London  $9,300  Arts Service Organizations
Centre communautaire régional de London, London  $6,317  Aide à la diffusion artistique
Forest City Gallery, London  $26,000  Visual Arts Artist-Run Centres and Organizations
The Grand Theatre, London  $225,000  Theatre Organizations
Home County Folk League, London  $20,000  Presenter/Producer
Insomniac Press, London  $22,973  Block Grants to Book Publishers
London Clay Art Centre, London  $17,575  Visual Arts Artist-Run Centres and Organizations
London Fringe Theatre Festival, London  $18,000  Theatre Organizations
London Pro Musica, London  $10,175  Choirs & Vocal Groups
McIntosh Gallery, London  $29,500  Public Art Galleries
Museum London, London  $159,000  Public Art Galleries
Museum of Ontario Archaeology, London  $9,000  Multi-Arts Projects
Orchestra London Canada Inc., London  $202,000  Orchestras
Six Vocal Ensemble, London  $6,000  Popular Music
 Brassroots, London  $3,000  Presenter/Producer
Brick Books, London  $26,091  Block Grants to Book Publishers
Brick Books, London  $6,000  Compass
Fanshawe Chorus London/Gerald Fagan Singers, London  $8,500  Choirs & Vocal Groups
London Lesbian Film Festival, London  $8,000  Media Arts Projects
Poetry London Reading Series, London  $3,000  Literary Festivals and Organizations
 Individuals Grant Program
Thomas Benner, London  $15,000  Visual Artists: Established ($15,000)
Marla Botterill, London  $3,010  National and International Residency
Bob Bozak, London  $1,000  Exhibition Assistance
Paul Cavanagh, London  $12,000  Writers' Works in Progress
Liza Eurich, London  $750  Exhibition Assistance
Sky Glabush, London  $500  Exhibition Assistance
Jin Won Han, London  $4,854  Craft Projects . Creation and Development
David Hickey, London  $2,000  Writers' Reserve
Joseph Hubbard, London  $1,000  Exhibition Assistance
Jesse Jacobs, London  $5,000  Visual Artists: Emerging ($5,000)
Kelly Jazvac, London  $1,000  Exhibition Assistance
Brian J. Lambert, London  $500  Exhibition Assistance
Chris Meloche, London  $13,000  Media Artists: Mid-Career and Established
Christine Negus, London  $1,100  Exhibition Assistance
Leslie Putnam, London  $1,500  Exhibition Assistance
Maureen Riley, London  $1,000  Exhibition Assistance
Eric Simard, London  $1,000  Exhibition Assistance
Henry Adam Svec, London  $500  Exhibition Assistance
 Morison Bock, London  $2,000  Theatre Creators' Reserve
Dianne C. Pearce de Toledo, London  $7,500  Visual Artists: Mid-Career ($7,500)
Dianne C. Pearce de Toledo, London  $1,500  Exhibition Assistance
Rosemary Sloot, London  $1,500  Exhibition Assistance
 Nadia Bozak, London  $2,000  Writers' Reserve
Nadia Bozak, London  $1,500  Writers' Reserve
Axl T. Ernst, London  $1,000  Exhibition Assistance
Farhang Jalali, London  $800  Exhibition Assistance
Sarah Kane, London  $1,000  Exhibition Assistance
James Kirkpatrick, London  $800  Exhibition Assistance
Patrick Mahon, London  $1,494  Exhibition Assistance
Jamie Quail, London  $1,300  Exhibition Assistance
Larry Russell, London  $5,000  Visual Artists: Emerging ($5,000)
Sarah Smith, London  $3,600  Popular Music
Andrew Somerset, London  $2,500  Writers' Reserve
Paul Walde, London  $7,500  Visual Artists: Mid-Career ($7,500)
Kelly Wallace, London  $700  Exhibition Assistance
Anna Wieselgren, London  $5,000  Visual Artists: Emerging ($5,000)
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