It's your time, young Canadians
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Oct 16, 2015  |  Vote 0    0

It's your time, young Canadians

Our London

Dear young people,

I truly never thought I’d be in the position of being the older guy offering sage advice to younger generations, but I blinked an eye at some point in 1989 and now here I am.

You hear an exceptional amount of B.S. from baby boomers every day. Some of us tell you fracking is harmless, climate change is a myth, and all sorts of other things that are said to put money in our pocket, damn the implications.

Now I’m going to tell you a secret, even if it means breaking the Magician’s Code of not telling the audience how the trick works.

Here it is: Old people vote.

It sounds simple, like pulling a quarter out of someone’s ear, but most of us don’t get it until we’re saddled with kids and mortgages and jobs we might or might not keep, depending on who we put in charge.

We understand that we, as individuals, can be directly affected by who wins an election. Entire industries can be helped or hindered by the party governing our country. Immigration, industry and infrastructure depend on whose running the show.

We get it. At least most of us older guys do.

Quick history lesson: To a substantial extent, young people elected Barack Obama in 2008. OK, Sarah Palin helped, but the point is if young people hadn’t have activated en masse, Obama might never have happened.

The next Canadian government is now in the midst of job interviews across the country. You are its potential employers, which means you choose who you want to hire for the job.

You have that control. The rest of this decade is in your hands. I know a lot of people in power who hate the thought of that.

And that’s why you must vote Oct. 19.

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