Blame rests at Harper's feet
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Oct 20, 2015  |  Vote 0    0

Blame rests at Harper's feet

Our London

It’s finally over.

It was a marathon, a death march, a dirty, divisive campaign orchestrated by the prime minister in a dying bid to hang on to power, regardless of the social cost.

We’ve now heard the term “He’s just not ready” more times in our lives than “Do you want fries with that?”

My take on the campaign is that Harper could have won it. He should have won it, but he made a very grave mistake. He took us all for fools and he forgot we’re Canadians, with a bloodline of Canadian sensibilities and ethics.

He berated “Justin” to the point where anything Trudeau did right was magnified because it was so unexpected. Trudeau learned one of the most effective tactics in battle — allow your enemy to underestimate you. He could’ve stood up and flaunted his education, his seven years as a sitting MP, the fact he has accomplished more by 43 than many ever do.

But Justin let it slide until the electorate started figuring it out on their own, and the more times Harper spoke down to him, the taller Trudeau became.

We Canadians don’t stand for bullying.

We also don’t stand for ignoring pleas for help when people’s lives are in danger and there is suffering we can ease, regardless of whether it’s on our soil or elsewhere around the world. Canada is a peacemaker. If we can help, damn it, we’ll do everything we can to do so. Our history, our DNA, is of doing the right thing.

Harper wiped his shoes on that history and tried to turn us against each other.

He could have won. He should have won. But in the end, he got what he deserved.

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