Does your garage door require maintenance?
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Does your garage door require maintenance?

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Just like anything, garage doors do require maintenance every now and then. If you’ve purchased your garage door from AA Advantage Doors in London, Ontario, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a quality door that’s built to last. However, inspecting your garage door regularly can help address problems before they become larger, costly issues.

Here’s some advice on maintaining your garage door:

If you detect humming that you didn’t hear when we newly installed it, there may be a problem with the motor. The team at AA Advantage Doors would be more than happy to inspect your garage door once you hear this humming so that we can repair it before the motor starts experiencing larger problems.

If your garage door is having difficulty opening and/or closing, there may be an issue with the rollers, tracks, or another component of your door and opener. The technicians at AA Advantage Doors offer 24 hour service so that we can address these issues right away.

Contact AA Advantage Doors if you are experiencing difficulties with your garage door (519) 619-7901 or email

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