Recycling electronic equipment to soften our...
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Recycling electronic equipment to soften our carbon footprint

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Nesa London offers effective solutions when you want to get rid of unwanted electronic equipment. All recycling is done at our London facility that employs a local staff. We believe in safe, secure re-use of equipment, and when equipment is deemed not re-usable, we will safely recycle it to ensure it does not end up in a landfill. We accept all electronic items (except for fridges and air conditioners).

I never want to see my decrepit laptop again. Can you use it?

Nesa London welcomes any quantities of working or non-working laptops, computers or parts for recycling or re-use. Please call for a full list of items we accept.

What happens to my old computer equipment?

When our team at Nesa London deem equipment not re-usable, it is stripped of its removable components like RAM, hard drives, wireless cards, etc. for re-use or circuit board recycling. Power supplies and chargers are broken down to their basic components for recycling. All of our hard drives are thoroughly wiped to remove any data before re-use or are physically destroyed. All of the work is done right here in London.

Contact Nesa London today to soften your carbon footprint and dispose your unwanted electronics in a safe, environmental way 519-434-3924 or email.

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