What is powder coating?
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What is powder coating?

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If you’ve ever heard the term “powder coating” and weren’t entirely sure what it meant, you’ve come to the right place. (And no, it’s not the same as what you would find on a delicious donut!)

TPC Custom Coatings in London specializes in powder coating and is more than happy to help you if you’re looking to enhance the look of your rims, bike frame, furniture and more.

Powder coating is the process of applying electrically-charged powder coating materials. It’s a sort of decorative finish that not only looks better, but protects, too.

The powder itself is a mixture of particles of pigment and resin, applied onto something to be coated.

Powder coating is eco-friendly, higher quality, durable, efficient, safe, and resourceful.  

There’s many items you’ve probably seen that have been powder coated.

Some common applications include:

Motorcycle Frames

Custom Cars

Patio Furniture




…and more!

Contact TPC Custom Coatings today for more information.

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