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5 Simple Online Marketing Strategies That Every London Business Owner Needs to Know

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As a business owner you owe it to yourself to reach as many potential customers as possible. Considering the massive growth of the internet and the fact that handheld devices have become the primary pocket-sized business directory, it is paramount that business owners make their online presence known. If potential customers can’t find your business’s website, you may as well not exist. Below are five sure-fire ways you can increase website traffic for your business by using validated online marketing tactics.

1. Yes, Website Maintenance is an Online Marketing Strategy

The majority of business owners hire a website development company to build a website for their business.  Quite often the website will become completely neglected and outdated. It may have done the job in the beginning, but as the web is always being updated, so should your website. Here are some changes you can make which will quickly bring your site up-to-date:

Clean Coding

Websites use a combination of coding in order to look and run the way that they do. Recently, the coding that is used to build websites has been updated and are meant to run cleaner, faster websites. This also allows for a better user experience as your site will increase in its visual appeal.

Site Speed

As unfortunate as it is, potential customers don’t have time to wait for your website to load if it runs too slow. More often than not, they will simply move on to the next option in the search results if your website is taking up their time.

Not only that, but your website will be favoured to rank higher in the search results if the speed of your site is optimal.

Responsive Design

It is said that mobile users of the internet will surpass desktop internet users by 2014. Don’t be left behind by having a website that looks horrible on a mobile device. Responsive design means that your website adjusts how it is viewed according to the size of screen in which it is being viewed on. Upgrading your website to become fully responsive and mobile-friendly is crucial in the coming year.

2. Be Found: Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important ways to drive traffic and potential customers to your website. In order to target these customers locally, business owners need to focus on ranking their website in search engines for their locale. For example, if you are a small business consultant in London, you would want to show up in the search results for “London small business consultant.”  There are several ways to do this, including making some keyword changes on your website and site descriptions.

3. Connect with Social Media Marketing

Using social media platforms is by far one of the most effective ways to market your business. However, employing social media strategies efficiently often proves to be the biggest challenge of many small businesses. To become a cut above the other businesses in your industry, you must be active on social media. The top three platforms to engage in are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Invest in a Facebook Ad Campaign

Having a Facebook Fan Page is one of the most powerful ways small businesses can advertise services on Facebook. However, if you would like to take Facebook engagement to the next level, running a Facebook ad campaign is your best bet. Facebook Ads allow businesses to reach their target audience by precisely specifying the types of users in which ads will be displayed to. If you target your audience properly, one can imagine the potential conversion rates.

5. Start Collecting: Email Marketing

An email list is one of the most valuable components of your online marketing efforts. It is a guaranteed way to connect with your customers and audience. Every business should have a company newsletter and an option to sign up for it on their company website. This keeps interaction flowing and also alerts customers of any new promotions.

The internet is a wonderful tool and now gives small businesses the opportunity to compete with larger companies on the same playing field. As a business owner, if you’re not engaging with your online audience, you absolutely must tap into the power of online marketing. The bottom line is if your business can’t easily be found online through search engines and/or social media, your business is not reaching its full potential.

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