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Paralegal or lawyer?

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When choosing a legal professional to assist you with your case, there are many things to consider. One being whether or not to choose a paralegal or a lawyer. Persuasive Paralegal Services is a trusted paralegal firm in London, Ontario that offers exceptional legal advice and service. Below are some things to consider when choosing your legal representative.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing a paralegal over a lawyer is the cost. Since paralegals tend to have a more limited scope of practice than lawyers, the costs for professional insurance and fees are significantly lower. Persuasive Paralegal Services offers free consultations and offers payment plans to make the cost more efficient for their clients.


Being able to have a relationship with your legal representative is important since you never know how long your case will be resolved. Persuasive Paralegal Services believes in a client focused approach, where the client-paralegal relationship is a two way street.

For more information on how a paralegal can assist you with your legal needs, contact Persuasive Paralegal Services today to schedule a free consultation 519-964-2749, Toll Free 1-800-482-6455 or email info@persuasiveparalegals.com.

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